Globle Supply Group INC, It was established in 2013.we headquartered in Hongkong , and Subsidiaries were set up in China ,Malaysia, and Singapore.Our extensive global network, spanning over several countries and growing, delivers us with numerous opportunities to serve our corporate clients with diversified solutions. we deal in the trading of diversified product categories such as OEM bussiness 、OBM production、Bulk purchase、minerals transaction、electrical equipment、 Wood industry and others. With our headquarters positioned in HONGKONG, we are able to enjoy good access and control over our various global trade flows.We employ our extensive knowledge and passion for commodity trading and sustainable trade financing options to ensure that our clients are met with solutions that are safe, punctual and consistent with their specifications.

We have reached strategic cooperation with the manufacturers, processors, distributors . Expansion of import and export trade quickly, integrate upstream and downstream channels, establishing a low-risk, high-efficiency trade model.We understand the growing markets in the world and their rising demand for different commodities, along with companies’ need to serve these markets swiftly by securing the right trade financing. This gives us the window for growth in several upcoming markets in even more countries across the world.

In this 10years, GS group were focus on its main sector of Supply Chain mangement and international trade, we provide best value propositions and build lasting relationships with our customer.vested with the mission of “ integrate industry to connect,Create value to share ”and the core value of “Honesty, responsibility, hardworking ,and partnership”,it is in keeping close-knit with our vision “To be a trusted partner in our global vision”